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We began our operations in November 2018 with our many years of experience across different industries. These industries included; travel, pharmaceuticals, animal health, construction, equipment hire, disability care, marketing, design, and employment consultancy. With this wealth of experience we noticed there can be a lack of customer care, especially in relation to IT support & care within the office environments. Our focus at Johnny K Creations was to provide that amazing customer service and care, whilst creating, editing and refreshing websites for clients from all industries, and helping others learn how to use technology to better their lives and connect with the world. 

During that time, we were working on a project in the background tentatively titled "Project Auckland", and began to expand our skills and knowledge into a fun and exciting new frontier for us of video game development and decided to move our attention and focus from 2020 completely to the development of "Project Auckland".

We at Johnny K Creations, are a passionate and creative team, that apply all we've learned over the lifetime of experience and excel at providing you the best possible experience we can. 

We focus on giving you "AMAZING"

We are excited you're here and can't wait to share our creations with you

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